Become an Authorized AED Sentinel Distributor

AED Sentinel is sold exclusively through authorized distributors. If you sell AEDs, AED program services, CPR/AED training or related products or services, now is your chance to join our growing network and become a leader in the new remote AED monitoring services category.

Why become an Authorized AED Sentinel Distributor?

To leverage your installed base of customers

Present AED Sentinel to your existing installed-base customers and earn new revenue from AED Sentinel subscriptions plus long-term recurring revenue from subscription renewals.

To remove a key AED purchase objection (inspections!)

Adding AED Sentinel to new deals removes the AED inspection objection and opens the door to expanded AED and related product and services sales.

To get collaboration and support from the compliance leader

Get AED Sentinel marketing and sales collaboration and support from the leading AED program compliance expert.

To add value to your existing software tools

Leverage our AED Sentinel Manager software API to show AED Sentinel remote monitoring data in your existing AED program management software.

Keep in mind, only AED Sentinel works with all AEDs on the market today. Whether you want to leverage the AED Sentinel platform to become a full-spectrum remote AED monitoring services provider, simply sell AED Sentinel and let the customer take it from there, or anything in between, we support all distributor business models. And, because Readiness Systems doesn’t sell the things you sell, we add value to your offerings but do not compete with your business.

Interested? Contact us via the form below, phone or email and let’s set up an AED Sentinel demo.

We look forward to welcoming you to the authorized AED Sentinel distributor network.

(855) 291-9100

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