AED Sentinel Support

Thank you for using AED Sentinel, the remote AED monitoring system built for every AED program. Here you will find a variety of support resources relating to AED Sentinel hardware and AED Sentinel Manager software.

First things first. Here is how to get started. More detailed instructions are found it our other guides.

Getting Started with AED Sentinel

Setting up the AED Sentinel remote monitoring system requires two things: First, someone will need to set up your AED Sentinel Manager account. After that, AED Sentinel monitoring hardware can be installed and activated for each of your monitored AEDs.

Follow these easy steps to start your AED Sentinel remote monitoring services:

1. Set up AED Sentinel Manager Account (BEFORE installing and activating AED Sentinel hardware):

  • Visit the AED Sentinel Manager login page and click the Register button.
  • Use the Subscriber ID and Registration Code provided by your authorized AED Sentinel distributor to register your account. If you don’t have this information, contact us.
  • Add an Account Administrator.
  • Enter your Subscriber information.
  • Complete your initial set up by adding all locations, monitored AEDs and users.

Note: Each AED Sentinel hardware unit has a unique Sentinel ID which you’ll find on the box and on the communications module label. Your Sentinel IDs are prepopulated in your AED Sentinel Manager account and appear in the dropdown menu on the Add New Monitored AED page. Each Sentinel ID will be associated with one specific monitored AED and can only be associated once. After you associate a Sentinel ID, it will no longer appear on the dropdown menu.

AED Sentinel Manager is easy to use and intuitive. But you can find detailed set up instructions on our support pages.

2. Install and activate your AED Sentinel hardware – complete instructions are in the box. Just make sure you install the correct Sentinel ID associated with each monitored AED as you paired them in AED Sentinel Manager. If you have many units to install, you can access AED Sentinel Manager from your mobile device and pair them to your AEDs as you go.

Thanks for being part of the AED Sentinel community. Please feel welcome to contact us or your authorized AED Sentinel distributor at any time if you need assistance with the AED Sentinel remote AED monitoring system.

(855) 291-9100

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