AED Sentinel Guided Tour Video

More Than 1 in 5 AEDs May Not Be Ready For Use. 

Are you sure yours are ready?

Are you responsible for AED program management and readiness in your organization? 

Join Readiness Systems – the nation’s leading AED program compliance expert – to learn how, with AED Sentinel, AED program managers can be confident that their devices are always ready, ensure compliance and ease the burdens of program cost and management.

This information-packed, 15-minute guided tour video will arm you with new, actionable insights into remote AED monitoring, the essential element of successful AED program management that has been missing … until now.

Learn about the complete AED Sentinel system, including the remote monitoring hardware and how simple it is to set up right out of the box, as well as AED Sentinel Manager software, which provides a complete, user-friendly view of your program’s readiness.

Plus …

You’ll learn how AED Sentinel…

  • works with all AEDs on the market today
  • eliminates the burden and cost of human AED inspections
  • instantly increases AED inspection frequency and reliability
  • uses a secure cellular network so there are no complicated IT or Wi-Fi security, reliability, approvals or set-up issues to contend with
  • frees up valuable employees while reducing lawsuit risk
  • delivers a real return on investment for less than the cost of human inspections

Have other questions or need more information about how AED Sentinel can help support your AED program? Contact us today. After all, when your AEDs are needed, you need them to be ready.

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