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AED Sentinel is a technology-based remote AED monitoring system, designed and built by the leading authority in AED program compliance, to provide the ultimate in ease of AED ownership and management. It is thoughtfully designed to provide an uncomplicated solution to a complicated problem, enabling AED program managers to quickly self-install and foolproof their AED programs in minutes. AED Sentinel uses internet-connected hardware, along with an associated software platform and an intuitive user dashboard for monitoring, alerts and reporting. And it works with all current AED makes and models installed in wall-mounted cabinets.

AED Sentinel is brought to you by Readiness Systems, your AED program expert. We wrote the national AED Program Design Guidelines that define industry standards, and now we bring technology-based services and solutions to help organizations of all sizes with their AED program readiness and compliance.

To learn more about the experts behind AED Sentinel, visit www.readisys.com.

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